ParaSpace Testnet Guide (Free Potential Airdrop)

🌐 About Paraspace

Paraspace is a first Cross-Margin Universal Lending Protocol and Buy Now Pay Later for NFT, ERC20, Uniswap V3 and beyond.

We are not going to discuss much about any project here, If you want know in detailed visit here.

🤷‍♂How to participate in Testnet and Claim NFT?

Right now they are running Campaigns in, Where we have to claim Discord role and Some NFT by Completing some task.👇

For more earning opportunity and airdrops updates, Join our Telegram Channel and Also are always there to solve your any doubt.

Investors and Partners of this project is looking very strong. There is no Guarantee of eligibility in airdrops, but if we get an airdrop then we can expect big profits. So, Don't miss this opportunity.

1️⃣ Claim “ParaSpace Traveler” NFT & Role in Discord

2️⃣ Claim “ParaSpace Explorer” NFT & Role in Discord

3️⃣ Claim “ParaSpace Settler” NFT & Role in Discord

✅ Follow all steps to Complete Task👇

▶ Complete all simple task (Retweet, Follow & Like etc.) by visiting below link.

👉Visit in this link:

▶ After that, Claim this NFT on arbitrum Chain ( You need some ETH in Arbitrum Chain for Gas Fees)

▶ After Claim NFT, Join Both Discord from below link and Verify your self in their Discord server.

👉Join 1st Discord:

👉Join 2nd Discord:

▶ After verification, In Parallel Finance Dsicord Server got “Collab Land” channel and Connect with your NFT claimed Wallet. (Check below SS)

▶ After Connected wallet, You will be granted “ParaSpace Traveler” Role in Disocrd.

2️⃣ Claim “ParaSpace Explorer” NFT & Role in Discord👇

▶ Claim Goerli Test Network faucets from bellow link by Simply pasting your metamask wallet address.

👉Claim goerli ETH from here:

▶ After claim ETH, Go to the website from below link and Connect your wallet

👉Go to this Website :

▶ After connect wallet, Click on “Get Test Tokens” and Claim it (Check above SS)

▶ Scroll to the “Get Credit from NFTs” section, Click on “Supply” and Supply more than 2 NFTs ( Check bellow SS)

▶ Only Click supply on that NFTs which you have available, You will see 1 option in NFTs (Check above SS)

▶ Scroll to the “ERC-20 Tokens” section

▶ Choose any token then Provide any amount Supply and Borrow, at least provide on more than 2 tokens.

▶ Go to the website from bellow link and Claim “ParaSpace Explorer” NFT (Again need some ETH for gas fees in Arbitrum Chain)

👉Claim NFT:

▶ Go to the Parallel Finance Discord server then go to the “Collab Land” Channel and Agin Connect your wallet to get “ParaSpace Explorer” Role in Discord.

3️⃣ Claim “ParaSpace Settler” NFT & Role in Discord

▶This NFT and Role is only for Selected 200 participants

I) For best testnet feedback provider on Discord “Feedback” channel- 50

II) For top inviters- 100

III) For others campaigns- 50

👉 NFT Link:

▶ Try to be active in their both Discord server to eligible for this role.

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